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photos by natalie

I was born and raised in Arizona and am pretty sure that I will be living here the rest of my life!  I never really had a thought as to what I was going to be when I grew up......but knew that I enjoyed the arts and enjoyed playing sports.  As a child I enjoyed drawing and painting.  Throughout my high school career I found myself loving everything artsy!  My high school art teacher, who also happened to be the photo teacher, convinced me to take a few photography classes.  Somewhat reluctantly I did......and I have never looked back!  I first learned the true raw art of black and white photography and how to print my own images in the dark room.  This new found love carried on into my college days where I played volleyball and pursued more photography classes.  My college instructor and classmates had a tremendous impact in making me who I am today!  I can say now that I am truly a product of a teacher that saw something in me and my artistry who pushed me and encouraged me to do something with my "talent".  Fast forward about 20 years and I now have a career that I can also call my hobby! 

While continuing through this journey we all call life, I have been blessed in becoming a mother to some amazing children!  I wondered how I was going to juggle working full time while having an incredibly busy personal life.  Needless to say......it has all worked out perfectly!  I have been blessed with outstanding clients with whom I am privileged to also call my friends!  I truly value every one of my clients and the wonderful relationships we have made throughout the years!

I've been asked what style best describes my work......but I really don't have a specific style. I like to keep my editing clean and simple. I try to capture moments and memories as they really happened and provide my clients with sharp and classic images that can be displayed as memories that last a lifetime.  

I am so thankful for my clients who have entrusted me to share in and capture the special moments in their lives!  Please feel free to contact me if you would like to set up session!  Feel free to follow my journey on Instagram and Facebook!